Benefits of Using SUP Wheels


Why use a board carrier by SUP Wheels®?

  1. Save your energy for your workout on the water
  2. 60% reduction in weight on you unlike a sling (these numbers may vary based upon the length of the board and the person’s height. Yes, we are sure there is some trigonometry formula to figure all this out but our high school math teacher would not return our calls)
  3. Save gas parking fees, bike your board to the water and 
  4. Save money this one carrier will work with standard and race boards
  5. Protect your investment in your board, less chance of damage and NO suction cups needed so it is board safe
  6. Take the wheels with you on your board
  7. No losing your wheels, SUP Wheels® float in the water
  8. Less chance of damage to your board 
  9. Save your back, use it as your beach cart for carrying your gear on the board
  10. Classic model SUP trailer and a strap you can carry two boards at the same time (play video below)


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man running with SUP Wheels and a board on the beach