25 Reasons to Paddle Board

  1. Low impact exercise – Paddle boarding is a low impact exercise that is easy on the joints. 
  1. Great for core strength – Paddle boarding requires you to use your core muscles to stay balanced and upright. 
  1. Stress relief – Paddle boarding is a great way to relax and take your mind off everyday stress. 
  1. Paddle boarding is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages
  1. Great way to explore the outdoors
  1. Views from above of fish and dolphins under the water 
  1. Social activity to do with family and friends
  1. Solo sport that does not require other to enjoy 
  1. Flexible durations and times to paddle can fit into any schedule 
  1. Can be done in almost all-weather conditions 
  1. Paddle boarding does not require specific weather conditions. Unlike wind for sailing or waves for surfing. 
  1. Equipment costs are relatively inexpensive. Cost of a board ranges from $399 to $1299. (How to pick a board. Article coming soon) 
  1. Places to paddle board are free and don’t require a membership such as a gulf course. 
  1. There are meetup groups to paddle with as a community. Making new friends and maybe meet a future spouse
  1. Health outlet that keeps you and your kids away from screens 
  1. Increase your heart rate even if it is just from falling in the water 
  1. Easy to learn. (Steps to learn link coming soon) 
  1. As a novice you can still do the sport 
  1. Competitive fulfillment with paddle board races at many different levels 
  1. Any body of water can be used. Water bodies from a pond to the ocean can be used for paddle boarding 
  1. Cold water applications. Paddle boarding is an excellent way to experience the cold bodies of water without having to get in the cold water 
  1. Wide variety paddle board activates from flat water cruising to surfing and even white-water river paddling 
  1. Duration that you paddle board can be short or long based on your schedule 
  1. Explore canals, mangroves or rivers that was no accessible via larger watercrafts 
  1. Bring you food drinks and music along with you on your adventure