The best bike trailer for your paddleboard transportation needs is the SUP Wheels® Evolution line. SUP Wheels carries your paddle and attaches to the seat of your bike. No permanent hardware is needed on your bike. Electric bikes, golf carts and regular bikes make it easy to get to the water.



Anyone who walks or drives to the water with their surfboard knows the challenges. SUP Wheels® is the perfect solution to get you to the water quickly and easily. No hardware to bolt to your bike and no side carry boards that act like sails. Easily transport multiple boards.

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SUP Wheels ® is the world's leading brand of paddle board and kayak transportation systems. Getting your stand up paddle board and surfboard to the water is easy with the SUP Wheels board carriers. Over 20,000 active paddlers have used SUP Wheels to transport their personal watercraft.

Do you dread the awkward process of carrying your stand up paddle board while walking to the water? Do you or someone you know paddle less because of this difficult walk? Let the SUP Wheels take the load off you and make it easier for you or a friend. Tell your fellow paddle boards there is now a better way to transport your paddle board.

You will paddle more and the system will be easy on your arms and back. Do you have trouble finding a parking spot on your way to the beach or lake? Does loading your board on the roof of your car hurt your back? For those of you who drive to the water, the SUP Wheels are the perfect alternative. Parking by the water is a problem, or loading your board on the roof of the car is challenging. Let the SUP Wheels take care of the transportation for you by rolling over the roads, rocky trails, and sandy beaches for you. With no back breaking work or parking problems, we make it possible for people like you to get your board to the water, and our patented transportation system protects you and your board. It's the easiest way to get your board to the water.

Patented non-metallic wheel and axle system withstands the harsh sand, dirt and saltwater of the beach. Whether you are paddling on your own or with your family and their gear, SUP Wheels® is the easiest and fastest way to get to the water. Because we want you to be 100% satisfied, SUP Wheels® offers a 30-day money back guarantee. We ship worldwide! After 12 years, SUP Wheels® are used in every paddleboarding country on the planet. Designed to withstand the rigors of the beach and the great outdoors. This makes it easy for you to get your board around, even if you have arthritis or an injury. You can either take it to the water on your bike with the SUP Wheels bike trailer, or you can take your paddle board on foot without having to carry all of the weight. Most of the weight of the board is carried by the SUP Wheels SUP Cart. It holds the board in place and maneuvers it, taking the weight off of your back.

The Comfort Handle is the only paddle board walking or biking carrier in the industry with the rubber Comfort Grip handle. Holding your board is almost effortless with the Comfort Grip handle. Does arthritis cause you pain when carrying your board? If you have arthritic hands or joints, the Comfort Handle will make it easier. Try the SUP Wheels for easy transportation. Does pain in your back keep you from paddling or even just trying to get out on the water at all? Are these challenges getting in the way of your enjoyment of the water and your paddle board? Then get your board out of the garage and back on the water using SUP wheels. It is a revolution in board transportation and it will revolutionize your life and you will be paddle boarding more. The SUP Wheels Evolution Comfort Handle also serves as a non-permanent connection to your bike seat. This allows you to wheel your paddle board to the water with NO tools or hardware using your beach cruiser bike, ebike or electric golf cart.

Customer Product Reviews

  • Customer Review

    "I went from a sling-type carrier to the ease of SUP Wheels®. No more carrying my board.  I now wheel it out of the garage and down
    the boardwalk.  Thank you SUP Wheels!"
    ​- Pam P. – Pensacola, FL USA

  • Dealer Review

    "Got the SUP Wheels® today and I'm
    stoked. That's a very well designed
    product so easy to set up!"
    F. Norgaard
    – Folkesurf, Denmark

  • Customer Review New Zealand

    "SUP Wheels® are as essential as the paddle and the board. They make getting to and from the water so easy.
    Best SUP invention. Magic!
    -Joan R. – Takapuna, New Zealand

  • Customer Review

    "I personally use SUP Wheels® and would love
    to add SUP Wheels paddleboard carriers
    to my list of SUP accessories."

     - T. Blosser, What SUP
    South Tampa - Tampa, FL

  • Paddle Board Dealer and Rental

    Having SUP Wheels in the shop has been nothing short of a life saver! Not only do customers purchase them for their own use, but the rental side of my business has benefited as well. This cuts the load time in half and gets the customer on the water that much faster!"
    — Scott Quinn, Quinn Boards,Naples, FL. USA

  • Customer Review

    This cart does everything it is supposed to do! It is very well made, and makes the weight of the board be carried by the bike. So efficient! very happy I bought this product

    -Jennifer W.
    SUP Wheels Evolution Bike Trailer
    for Paddle Boards

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