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Paddle Board Trailer by SUP Wheels

How to carrier your SUP board by adding wheels to your SUP paddle board? SUP Wheels will carrier your paddle board like ten of thousands of active paddle boards have been doing for years.  Go SUP Wheeling with SUP Wheels Evolution bike trailer. SUP Wheels® works like mule doing the hard transportation work for you with these systems. SUP Wheels is the world’s leading brand for paddle board transport. 

SUP Wheeling is the perfect paddle board trailer for anyone that drives, walks or even bikes to the water.  Let SUP Wheels® handle the roads, rocky paths, and sandy beaches for you. We empower people to go SUP Wheeling, which is the effortless transport of your boards to the water. Our patented transport systems protect you and your board with the easiest way to get to the water.
Whether you are out paddling on your own or with your family and their gear, SUP Wheeling is the easy and fun way to the water.  

Start SUP Wheeling today with our SUP carrier and save your workout for the water. 

SUP Wheels® offers 100% satisfaction guarantee and we ship world wide!

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"SUP Wheels are a win all around..."
SUP Wheels® are as essential as the paddle and the board. They make getting to and from the water so easy. Best SUP invention. Magic! --
Joan R. – Takapuna, New Zealand
I personally use SUP Wheels® and would love to add it to my list of SUP accessories — T. Blosser, What SUP, South Tampa - Tampa, FL
Built to last in harsh beach conditions for outdoor equipment. Making it easy if you have arthritis or an injury to still transport your board. Either bike it to the water with your bike making it a bike sup carrier, or walk your paddle board without carrying all the weight. Leveraging the SUP carrier wheels to hold the majority of weight of the board you have very little weight to hold or maneuver when your board sits on SUP Wheels instead of your sore back.
The comfort handle is the only one in the industry with the rubber comfort grip handle. The comfort grip handle makes holding your board almost effortless. It will certainly make it easier if you have arthritic hands or joints. Arthritis causing you pain when carrying your board then try SUP Wheels for easy transportationBack pain limiting you from paddling or even trying to get to the water. Is this back pain stopping you from using your board.
Then get that board out of the garage and onto the water again with SUP Wheels Evolution. It has revolutionize board transportation and it will revolutionize your new life and you will paddle a lot more.  The SUP Wheels Evolution comfort handle doubles and a non permanent connection to your bike seat. This allows you to bike your paddle board to the water with no tools or hardware permanently attached to your beach cruiser or bike.