This all started with a mountain bike accident and some broken bones. There was still a need for the owner to carry his paddle board to the water with one arm and being unable care anything heavy in the other. Hence an easier way to carry a board was invented yet again through necessity. Many fellow paddle boards' started to request paddle board carriers be built for them to alleviate the burden of carrying their paddle boards. From the huge demand the SUP Wheels® company was created. That was over 12 years ago and what a journey it has been.

Where we got started

We are a family business that started out in building units in the garage with general hardware parts. We have several designed but one really stood out. The small side business grew and grew to become known around the world in the paddle board industry. Before long we could not keep us with demand. This took us to our next phase getting production done at a factory and creating our own specialized parts.

Where are are now.

We have a top quality manufacturing and distribution center today. It is located in Pensacola Florida where we support the local community with employment. Ok, we are not the biggest local employer but ever bit helps. From here we ship all over the world.

We build the business by working hard and continuously improve the product and address customer needs directly. This is where we use injected molded parts for to support higher volume demand. The rest of the assemble is done by hand. We thank all of our stakeholders who have supported us through out the years.