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Carrier SURFBOARD - Evolution Surf - Longboard, Surfboard Bike Trailer

Carrier SURFBOARD - Evolution Surf - Longboard, Surfboard Bike Trailer

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The Evolution Surf is our most popular surfboard carrier

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The Evolution surfboard carrier model - comes with a strap handle. This flexible unit is used to carry your board or boards while you walk or bike to the water. It relieves the strain of lugging your boards, and gear while freeing one of your hands.



  • It is faster to bike your board to the water
  • No parking hassles at the beach
  • More wind stability than bike board racks
  • Carry two surfboards or a SUP and surfboard
  • Long lasting even in tough beach environments

The unit is engineered with a marine-grade aluminum axle, stainless steel fixtures, and never go flat tires. We also enhance your comfort with a unique rubber handle that covers the nylon strap handle. Wheels are stored on the storage pegs for a small compact package for transporting the wheels or storage.


Dimensions: Shipping Box 28x15x4 7lbs Product (each) 28x14x3.5 8lbs

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1-year warranty included


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Mini FAQ

Which models work with bikes?

The Evolution and Evolution-X (for inflatable paddle boards) products work with bikes and walking.

The Classic and Classic-X (for inflatable paddle boards) products are used for walking only.

Which model supports inflatable paddle boards?

Inflatable paddle boards work with the Evolution-X (bike & walk) and Classic-X (walk only).

Hard and race paddle boards use the Evolution and Classic models.

Does this carrier work on soft beach sand?

Yes, all of our carriers work on beach sand with the large 14 inch wheels.

These wheels do not use air so you have never go flat wheels.

What do I do with my wheels when I get to the water?

  • If you biked to the water lock your SUP Wheels up with your bike
  • If you walked to the water fold up your SUP Wheels and store them on your board. They will float if they go in the water.
  • If you walked to the beach you can still lock-up your SUP Wheels to a bike rack or other non movable object.


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